frequently asked questions

Q. I’ve received a letter saying Evolve Servicing Limited (Evolve) has taken over administration of my account. Who are Evolve?
A. Evolve (formally known as Eversheds Sutherland) administer these accounts on behalf of creditors with a view to recovering funds from your insolvency practitioner, trustee in bankruptcy or the official receivers where appropriate. Evolve will not chase you personally for payment.
Q. I’m in an active insolvency (IVA/trust deed/bankruptcy) but I’m still receiving statements. Should I be?
A. Yes. The statements are issued to comply with the Consumer Credit Act. They are for your information only and are not a demand for payment. You will continue to receive these either once or twice a year whilst your insolvency is still active. Once we have been notified of the completion of your insolvency, statements will no longer be issued.
Q. The balance showing on my statements does not seem to be decreasing. Is my IP/trustee not paying you?
A. It is common for payments to be received at different intervals throughout an insolvency and is dependent on your IP/trustee. Should you have any payment queries we would advise you to speak to your IP/trustee directly, who should be able to advise you further.
Q. I want to reclaim PPI, can I do this through you?
A. No. Unfortunately we cannot deal with PPI related queries. To claim this, you will need to contact the lender directly who sold you PPI in the first instance.
Q. I have finished my payments into my insolvency, is it now complete?
A. Although you may have finished making payments into your insolvency, the insolvency can remain active in order to complete any final administration or payments by the IP/trustee. When the insolvency has closed, you will receive a completion certificate to confirm this, as will your creditors. Any further questions in regards to this should be addressed to your IP/trustee directly.
Q.I have been personally discharged from my insolvency, but you are still sending me statements/updating my credit file. Why is this?
A. When you receive a personal discharge from your IP/trustee, this is not always advised to your creditors. The insolvency usually remains open for further administration or the reclaim of VAT or PPI. If this is the case, once completed your creditors are advised of the closure. Should you hold a personal discharge certificate, you can contact Evolve’s Customer Support team to advise of this so your records can be updated accordingly.
Q. I have been discharged from my insolvency, when will I see the update to my credit file?
A. Your IP/trustee is allowed up to 28 days before issuing confirmation to your creditors. Once confirmation of the completion is recieved, the account owner will update your credit file. Credit Reporting Guidelines advise to allow six to eight weeks for this update to be completed.
Q. I have checked my credit file. What should it show now that I have completed my insolvency?
A. When your credit file is updated your account will show:
  • – settled – this is when 100p in £ has been paid to your creditors (when the amount owed is paid back in full)
  • – partially settled – anything lower than 100p in £ paid to your creditors (when only a proportion of the amount owed is paid back)
  • Should you have any queries in regards to this, please refer to the Experian FAQ site:
  • Please note: Your account will continue to appear on your credit file for six years from the date of default, the credit reference agency will then remove the account from your credit file.
Q. I never defaulted on my account but this has been included in my insolvency. Why is this showing as defaulted on my credit file?
  • A. Although the account may not have defaulted in the past, once an account is entered into an insolvency, this is automatically deemed a default. This will show on your credit file for six years from the date the account defaulted.
  • Further information on credit reporting is available from the credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax, CallCredit), via their helpdesk, website or FAQ pages:
  • Alternatively, you may wish to refer to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) guidelines. These are also available online.
Q. I want to pay off my account with yourselves. However, my insolvency is still active. Can I do this?
A. No. You are bound to the terms of your arrangement. Please discuss this further with your IP/trustee.
Q. I am not happy with my insolvency, what should I do?
A. In the first instance, you should contact your IP/trustee to attempt to resolve any issues you may have. Please see below a link to our customer hub, which contains information in regards to free debt advice which may assist you further.
Q. What if I want to make a complaint about my account?
A. If you want to make a complaint, please contact Evolve’s Customer Support team who will work to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. A copy of our complaints procedure is available here.