outsourcing for the
financial sector

Intelligent analytics are at the heart of what we do. By leading all of our outsourcing offerings with thoughtful output lead operational processes, we deliver unparalleled insights into your business and customers. Supporting you to transform your business, enhance the customer journey and achieve your commercial goals.

We never compromise, your customer and your brand are our priority. Treating customers with fairness and compassion is in our DNA, we are fighting to revolutionise the industry and protect your interests. We are different.

insolvency services

Where it all began. Our flagship product provides end to end managed service for personal insolvency portfolios across all sectors.

Our service is outward focused. We use technology to drive our operation and analytics to shape strategy. By using data we help you gain a deeper understanding of your business, provide the best possible customer outcomes and ultimately change the insolvency industry.

Risk management and compliance are critical to your business, so we support our operation with a four line risk management approach and an autonomous governance structure.

Managing IPs

  • Customer outcomes
  • Monitoring
  • IP analytics
  • IVA Trust Deed committee

Risk & compliance

  • Four line audit programme
  • Quality monitoring
  • Compliances handling
  • Root cause anaylsis
  • Vulnerable customers


  • Voting decisions
  • Payment allocation
  • Monitoring and updates
  • Customer helpdesk
  • Research
  • Training
  • Systems

Managing performance

  • Key performance indicators
  • Management oversight
  • Service reviews
  • Industry analytics

project solutions not project management

We require agile cross-disciplinary resource to facilitate change in our business and we are pleased to offer our expertise to our clients to help you achieve your goals.
project leadership resource experienced in financial services sector
able to partner with your teams to achieve best practice solution delivery
with full independent change governance
advisory services and consultation
using data and analytics to back up decisions
bolstered by the legal and compliance expertise within our organisation
FS and Legal Technologists
providing innovative solutions to everyday challenges
working to ISO 27001 standards

evolve analytics

We changed our business through analytics and can do the same for you. Having experienced each stage of the data journey evolve analytics is uniquely placed to help you transform your business and harness the power of data.
stage 1

descriptive analytics

The first stage of data analysis where we create a visual summary of your historical data.

It’s a great place to start to understand what is happening in your business and provide first stage insights to help you form your strategy.

This type of analytics can also be done with relatively unsophisticated or unorganised data sets and is a great tool, when combined with our advisory services, to use to kick off your data and transformation journey.

stage 2

diagnostic analytics

The next level of analysis where we look into the relationships and factors in your data to understand why things have happened.

This allows us to provide you with data and visualisations to back up your understanding and fresh ideas for where you may want to introduce a change to procedure or process. We provide board appropriate presentations telling the story of your data and can even help you present to your stakeholders.

Diagnostic analytics requires a more organised data set to perform, but if you are not there just yet we can also work with you to develop your data capture and increase the integrity of your databases.

stage 3

predictive analytics

The branch of advanced data analysis that is used to forecast what will happen.

We can provide predictive analytics in easy to understand visualisations, covering multiple scenarios and market changes allowing you to apply a comfortable level of risk to your forecasts and outcome expectations.

A predictive model will strengthen as your data set grows, if your data is young, we can provide you with live reporting dashboards so you can use real time forecast models in your operations.

stage 4

prescriptive analytics

The last step in the data journey. Building from forecasting outcomes this branch of complex data analysis applies the predictive model to determine the best solution or outcome given the known parameters.

Completing the data journey you will have data and visualisations to show you what is happening now, what you could change, what that would look like and what is the best solution. Prescriptive analytics allow you to take the guess work out of strategy and model success.

The more data you have the better a prescriptive model works. However, we can supplement your data with multiple sources to enhance and optimise your results.

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